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Basement Redo.

Why not to turn a basement into beautiful space for your family and friends to enjoy?

We can help you design a new basement. Regardless of your budget or tastes,  RB Richard Construction Inc. will help you create an amazing basement that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

We've designed and built a lot of basements during our more than a 25 years in business.

Here a few ideas about basement remodeling.


If you want low maintenance and durability, consider ceramic tiles. Unlike carpet, they don't hold moisture, which is important in a basement. Installing tiles is affordable and you can create different patterns using ceramic tile and choose a color that matches the downstairs décor.


Basements can feel dark because they contain less light and might have wood paneling. To open up the space, use a high quality paint. Paint is the least expensive way to transform a basement. Go with low-VOC or no-VOC paint. These paints contain fewer or no chemicals, which is essential in non-ventilated basements. Try a semi-gloss color in cream or tan to create a bright and cheery look.


Lighting is very important for any basement redo. Recessed lights work well because they don't hang down from the low ceilings often found in basements. Recessed lights can be used throughout the entire basement and under cabinets or bookcases. They can be set on a dimmer, allowing you to adjust the amount of light. Another lighting idea is to use lamps. Floor lamps and table lamps that have the capability of holding a three-way bulb are good idea.

Odds and Ends

Always de-clutter your basement before you begin any project. Keep the furniture simple and comfortable. Use attractive storage boxes and bins stacked neatly on a bookcase or inside a closet. Visible clutter in the basement will create a cramped feeling.

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